Verein Schweizer Phantastikautoren

Throwing Stones into the Glass House

Reflections on Social Media

Cover: Throwing Stones into the Glass House

Social media forms and often controls our every-day life: We organise our daily schedule on WhatsApp; send birthday wishes to random people on Facebook; upload photos of our lunch on Instagram, and create funny bunny-eared pictures of ourselves on Snapchat.
But what happens to us as individual humans, as social beings, as thinking persons, as models on this virtual stage? Does it affect our minds when and if we break or lose our smartphone? Could we survive without a battery charger for two weeks? Is the virtual world liberating our thoughts or rather imprisoning our habits of thinking?

Warning: Content only suited for a mature audience.

Genre: non-fiction, art
124 pages, paperback, 21x21cm, full coloured
publication date: 15.9.2020