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Joe Dexter – Prisoner Zero (US Patriot Edition)

Gefangene der Zukunft by Steve Schild Mars One Astronaut Candidate

Cover: Joe Dexter – Prisoner Zero (US Patriot Edition)

Due to new weapons and technology, a power-hungry organization took control of Earth in 2150. The clone research has produced something evil which the world has never seen before. But an event in 2016 could change everything!

This book is about the future. What if humanity had not learned anything from the history? What would the world look like? Could a little resistance group with the help of two time travelers from 2016, save
the world, humanitarianism and the future?
The book covers several topics like time travel, new technologies, patriotism, solidarity and that we must learn from the history. Otherwise if we don’t, history will repeat itself and maybe it`s going to be worse than ever before!

„A really interesting and exciting book, written by a Mars One Astronaut candidate about the future of humanity and what happens if we learn nothing from our history!
Read it!“ Andrea Rohpeter