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Katie 42 – Intelligent

Destiny is in our hands, from artificial intelligence to climate change

Cover: Katie 42 – Intelligent

Be inspired by the fascinating statements in this novel: Conscious AI is only a matter of time. Climate change is both a challenge and a great opportunity of our time, and despite the enormous efforts required from us today, the book offers a hopeful view of the future.


(Original German Edition November 2022, translated by Lisa Bona) 

It began silently and unexpectedly …
An unusual, realistic and scientifically sound science fiction novel that could become reality tomorrow. It tells the story of Katie, an android who develops consciousness with parallels to biological evolution. The central themes of the book are artificial intelligence and climate change. An exciting journey to the red planet, with the construction of a base on Mars, rounds off the fantastic story.

Helena Simon heads Advanced Robotics‘ Humanoid Robot Development Team. Helena’s hitherto quiet life is shaken when, on 7 June 2035, she discovers that Katie, the android KTI-42, is making unplanned improvements to her abilities on her own initiative. This event marks the beginning of a story that spans two decades. It takes us through Katie’s development and her escape from great danger. In this story, thoughts develop about life and consciousness, about feelings such as friendship and love, and about the environment.
The protagonists are Katie and her twin android Kate, Helena Simon, cyberneticist, Ged Da Silva, anthropologist and biologist, and Daniel Link, founder of Advanced Robotics.